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Note To CT Cayce: Your inability to provide a poor old man in the desert a modicum of respect by providing him a reasonably timely response to his earnest and simple request has brought you this letter. Can you really suppose that these things don’t matter?

 An Open Letter To A.R.E. Members On April 30, 2001

A Testimony Concerning The Last Days Of A.R.E. Just Prior To The Earth Changes Of 2001
(and the books about Edgar Cayce and the Earth Changes which A.R.E. wouldn’t tell its members about)

It is time to close another chapter of the Phoenix Quest, the point in the plot line where the story of A.R.E. begins to fade into memory. I offer an appraisal at this time of 2001 which will be of historical interest and importance in understanding the Edgar Cayce phenomenon and the status of A.R.E. and its leadership at the time of the Change In The Earth. Accordingly, this final testament is commended into the hands of scholars and A.R.E.’s members or future potential members. It will provide them with objective third party information about why A.R.E. in fact resisted and thus acted as a repressive force in suppressing information which could play a role in helping advise humankind about the dangers which could beset them during 2001.

In late November and December (formally on about December 18, 2000), I issued a public invitation to the staff, directors, and trustees of the national A.R.E. organization (Association for Research and Enlightenment) to seriously examine my scientific findings about Edgar Cayce’s work, especially the hard score general average accuracy of 92% for Cayce’s predictions and clairvoyant statements about the physical world in the present, past, and future. I also invited them, through petitions emailed to Charles Thomas Cayce and many others among the staff, directors and general membership, to undertake a short study of the scenario of the millennial Earth Changes which I compiled through several years of study into a definitive treatment of how the predictions added up.

I observed that Cayce’s readings, when compiled and evaluated rigorously, painted an ominous image of danger in the relatively near future of the year 2001 for large numbers of people. I asked them to consider the leadership role which A.R.E. should undertake to inform people of their options and potential threats. To which end, I suggested that A.R.E. purchase a number of the "Return of the Phoenix" books for distribution or resale to serious students of the Earth Changes and I also suggested that A.R.E. conduct some sort of seminar program in which I could present some of the content and results of my work in compiling Cayce’s vision of the future. I pointed out that Edgar Cayce had specifically set up A.R.E. to serve the scientific investigation of his readings and I opined that my five years of empirical scholarship of each an every one of his statements about objective historical happenings and earth changes, some 260 statements in all, certainly qualified for a hearing by A.R.E. and some mention in its communication channels.

I asked A.R.E.’s management a key over-riding question. Was A.R.E. competent to undertake to fulfill its scientific mission to study the Cayce’s readings in regard to the Earth Changes? Was A.R.E. competent to exercise leadership to respond appropriately to the challenge they might poise to the safety of A.R.E.’s members and all those who were looking to the Cayce readings for a sense of leadership?

Many people, including many of A.R.E.’s oldest members and supporters and several highly qualified scientists, also forwarded my ideas and their own personal recommendations about them. No one suggested and claimed that my work was not serious, not interesting, not competent, not scientific. Many endorsed my work with glowing praise which made some of the long lonely hours of research seem a lot less lonely.

At that time, many of A.R.E.’s oldest members and long-time supporters privately communicated to me that the leaders of A.R.E. had limited options and restricted interests and that they probably could not undertake to address the issues I had raised in any serious way. Some advised me in considerable detail about the fractionalization in the organization, severe personality conflicts during the past few years, loss of members and revenues, lack of a strong program, the alienation of talented people, and other problems.

Eventually Charles Thomas Cayce, who is currently the executive manager or director of A.R.E., responded to my letters on January 16th with a short outline of what unnamed reviewers in the organization had found objectionable. They "discovered" that my trilogy of three books was indeed, as I claimed in the frontispiece, a lengthy critical assessment of many things, including A.R.E.’s propaganda positions and the errors of information which had been purveyed by some of A.R.E.’s "favorites". Charles Cayce found it difficult to conceive that A.R.E. could advise its members of scientific work which contained critical commentary about ideas and information which had been proffered through its agency. Most interesting, Charles Cayce’s unknown reviewers stated no objection to my scathing denunciations of the religious factions within Christianity which I accused of committing the historicide which has left humanity in fundamental ignorance of its past and thus its current condition. Charles Cayce’s reviewers mainly found objectionable, at least so far as they were willing to communicate, the critical appraisals which involved A.R.E.’s "earth changes don’t hardly exist" propaganda front.

Charles Thomas observed in his letter that there was much good information in the books and he suggested that A.R.E. "might" be interested in my work if the books could be altered to eliminate the material which seemed too critical. They enumerated several pages in Books One and Two of the Trilogy.

On February 8th I had to tell him that the "Return of the Phoenix" has several major critical themes which are sure to irritate or offend to some degree many doctrinaire positions in all of the fields of the earth sciences, most Christian denominations, the fields of archeology, and some of the mainstreams notions of history, not to mention egyptology. Accordingly it was impossible to alter the work. Once everything conceivably objectionable was eliminated there would be nothing left and I would no longer exist. I opined that the issue was not whether one agreed with me completely, as almost no one did, the issue was whether the work was helpful in coming to more profound appraisals about Cayce and some aspects of history and the future. Since many dozens of people have sent me rave reviews, I do not believe it immodest to assert that it has some value along those lines

I made note to Charles Cayce that his unnamed reviewers had not listed any objection to "Book Two: The Veil" of the Phoenix Trilogy which presents Edgar Cayce’s predictions about objective historical events. This work provides the main core of the scientific analysis by which I established his average accuracy at 92%. It also provides a summary retrospective on the 20th century by telling the general story of when and how the predictions were made. For any student of Cayce, the work provides a powerful way to assess the validity of Cayce’s clairvoyance with objective events which are far beyond the ability of tricksters to manipulate. Free of my own critical commentary about religion, A.R.E., A.R.E. "favorites", mistaken A.R.E. propaganda, or others (though Edgar Cayce and his readings were often highly critical of the history-makers around him) I suggested that this is a book any organization which is interested in Edgar Cayce would want in its library and would probably want to list in its catalog of "Cayce-ana" along with the dozens of other expositions on the readings and predictions of Edgar Cayce which have been done over the years by various authors.

To make that a viable proposal, I suggested that they could describe that book any way they wished, and I would be agreeable to them stating that they wouldn’t carry the other ones because they don’t like them. It sounded like a winner to me. They got useful information on their terms. Their members became appraised of new scientific information about Edgar Cayce. And I would receive at least a small amount of return from a source which should logically be one of the largest markets for my work.

Then I waited to see what the response might be to that proposal. I reasoned that the main questions which I had asked, namely about the capability of the A.R.E. to fulfill its scientific mission as strongly desired by Edgar Cayce, were probably a little too large and frightening to deal with directly. I thought that baby steps with a simple idea, like mentioning in their catalog a book to which no one objects, would be a reasonable first step in a process in creating a relationship.

I waited and then finally Mike Sienkiewicz <> asked me on March 13, 2001:

"Did A.R.E. take you up one your suggestion to sell one of the other volumes? "

That stimulated me to draw everything together into this last testimony to close the A.R.E. chapter. I waited nearly another month to conclude the obvious. Namely, that A.R.E. had not and most likely would not respond to my proposal for an extremely modest baby step. It was now also perfectly obvious that Charles Thomas Cayce has a major personal problem in perceiving that his typical pattern of non-recognition and non-response to people whom he thinks irrelevant, or may engender conflict with his cherished notions, is widely perceived by intelligent people as deeply insulting if not outright bigotry.

Needless to say this answers the larger questions about A.R.E.’s scientific mission. Science requires a framework of debate between conflicting opinions and usually proceeds by creating some sparks between schools of thought which have some disagreements. To manage such a process requires leaders with minds and hearts large enough to provide an arena of mutual respect, EVEN, even when you think some of the opinions are crazy or impossibly ignorant. From my own experience, current A.R.E. leadership is not capable of providing such an arena. From the experiences of many other creative people who have communicated to me in private about their frustrations from rejections by A.R.E. staff which has made them feel like non-persons, it would appear that this has been the historical norm for A.R.E. for at least the past fifteen years.

Accordingly, I believe it is legitimate to conclude that A.R.E. has no role to play other than providing a home for the Cayce memorabilia, library, and readings. This function is worth supporting with the membership fees and so long as the self-selected family-based cliques which have captured and control A.R.E. fulfill this function competently, all will be well.

However, I would advise all those with creative impulses, program ideas, book manuscripts, and deepspiritual urges to look else where to connect their energy to other, more dynamic groups. A.R.E. will provide only frustrations for most creative souls while it serves as a narrow outlet for a few insiders.

I suppose that the only thing I have of value from A.R.E., other than the Cayce/Davis CDROM, is the fact that its current leadership has decided, in effect as a consequence of its passive-resistance non-action, to act as a suppressive force in keeping its membership from learning of my work. Accordingly that makes my work controversial and I will therefore use that fact to my best advantage. Therefore I will, unless A.R.E. provides me other options, advise all and sundry that the "Return of the Phoenix" are the books about Edgar Cayce which A.R.E. wouldn’t tell its members about.

Yours in Buddha Christ, Michael W. Mandeville


Others who are familiar with my work and efforts have expressed their opinions, in a variety of ways. Here are the last four reactions to A.R.E.’s response to the "Return of the Phoenix":



From: Karen Seay <>
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:30:41 -0500 (EST)

Dear Mr. Mandeville,

Just read CTCayce's letter - OW! Too bad they threw out the baby with the bathwater! Personally I wd not wish to be, not could I bear to be, involved in an org. which is all sweetness and light! … Just sent an e-mail to Thomas, outlining the need for publication of your material NOW. Pointed out that between a few academic critiques and the preventable death of millions, there is NO comparison. I don't think he's going to enjoy his Life Review much....




Thu, 8 Feb 2001 15:53:19 -0800
From: "Thomas Lawson" <>
Subject: ARE & Return of the Phoenix
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 18:48:05 -0800


I'm further saddened by the actions of Charles Thomas as it only increases my own feelings of isolation from the ARE. As a very long time student of the Cayce readings (1965) and ARE member myself, having lived in Virginia Beach for 12 years (and having moved there because of the ARE), having known Hugh Lynn and been a 12 year student of J.Everett Irion's, my sadness is only deepened by what has been going on for a long time at the ARE - exclusiveness.

If my memory serves me correctly, the EC readings said DO NOT make the ARE into any sort of 'family run' business. Yet, this is what has apparently happened. Furthermore, although the ARE is now appearing to expand their 'wares' somewhat by developing the psychics that EC said they should be doing all along, Harmon Bro bitterly critiqued the ARE in an article published online a few years ago entitled "Why Edgar Cayce was NOT a psychic", yet which the ARE apparently took no pains to correct.

To those of us who have seen some of the inner workings of the ARE and chose to not become involved any further in the organization itself, rather keep ourselves focused on the readings and their application in our lives, the perplexing actions of the ARE did not start with their rejection of you. Everett Irion, the CPA for the ARE (brought there from Texas in 1966 by Hugh Lynn) and who was the author of what I consider three seminal books based on the readings (now all allowed to lapse out of print by the ARE) also expressed to me on more than one occassion before he died that, in his opinion, the people running the organization had replaced the necessity of keeping a keen awareness of the 'Spirit' in which they were acting with the 'Spirit' of business. Harmon Bro also circulated a private letter (which two friends of mine who was used to toil for miserly wages in the ARE bookstore -that's USED to work there- showed me a copy). This letter by Harmon detailed his fundamental disagreements with the ARE in a number of areas.

For me, although I remain a member of the ARE, I am saddened by their attitudes concerning such a seminal work about EC. Your response, offering one or even two or the tomes is both reasonable and concilliatory. Further, your rationales offered for why you said what you did, especially the story about Y'shua, and the ARE's selective judgements concerning your books are appropriate.

However, like the Churches, the ARE may be becoming ossiffied as well. I hope not, for their sake, although for me, my perceptions of their utility lessen, based in part on their insistence on maintaining a 'Cayce' as the 'point person', something Everett specifically told me that neither Hugh Lynn or his father's readings wanted, although I can't for sure vouch for Everett's accuracy.

The EC readings have been the 'touchstone' of my life since I was 18 years old (37 years). I am very happy that you have had enough interest to study them even further than I ever had the inclination or ability to do so. Sadly, the ARE has used whatever justification to prevent others from seeing as deeply into the readings as you seem to have.

But Michael, fear not. If the Earth changes EC predicted come, it won't much matter how you were treated. Although I haven't read your complete books as of yet (although I'm fascinated and they are high on my list of items to read), I am grateful that the internet gives us access without the ARE as the ultimate gatekeeper of knowledge in these things.

Hopefully, things will be worked out between you and the ARE and your books WILL be allowed in. Sadly, their judgement about appropriateness has not allowed that so far. Best of luck to you and please know, that even though you may not hear from people like me, you do have people watching your web site very, very closely and with great interest.


Thomas F. Lawson, Ph.D.



Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 20:22:31 -0700 (MST)
From: JJ

… I really think the old folks at ARE have missed their time on future EC matters:

the boat has sailed, and they aren't on it! ARE is stodgy old establishment anyway..unless you adhere to their

est. line, you are labled as an I-Net conspiracy crack-pot!


Of course they have piqued all our interests with their proposed journey to PN;

btw: I thought MWM was very very gracious in sharing with your list access to his as-yet-unpublished manuscript on the HOR, don't you? and after the nasty words ARE still says about him. I don't see them helping us out any, do you? How can the keepers of the EC legacy seem True to the world, and the visions of EC, when they themselves DO NOT BELIEVE in the P-SHIFT!

why, it is like the old Theban caste of priestly thieves...

and then Ikenaten came & exposed them all.


This last one is especially … pungent…



Date: 8 Feb 2001


Responses To Charles Thomas Cayce's Letter

Dear Mike,

That's an interesting way for ARE to treat the Saviour of Cayce. Without your Trilogy, Cayce is just a footnote. Give yourself more credit. What was available before the Trilogy? A couple of bio's, that were interesting, detailing the personal life of a pro psychic. What was available concerning his predictions? Mindless twaddle, of likes of Stearn and Randi.

All ARE wants to do, as befits such a group of such Old Women, is blow pink soap bubbles. Over the years, they have carved out a nice safe niche of semi-annonymity, because, basically, they are just a bunch of nobodies, riding on the coattails of Cayce's work. They are terrified that someone might frown at the word "psychic". Psychics are real, they are mainstream, and they are here to stay. Perhaps they should update their wallflower paradigm, to one more befitting the legacy of the greatest psychic who ever lived.

Your detailing the Earth Event of the 1930's, fulfills Cayce. Your work completes his, is the crowning achievement to his, and validates the life's work of Cayce. Apparently, ARE, blinded by their pink soap bubbles, cannot see this. Your Work is 110% Cayce, and as such, should be in their catalog. Anyone who doesn't think so, is a traitor to Cayce's memory, and to his life's suffering. Cayces life was no picnic. Why should ARE's be?

Perhaps some speculation is in order, as to which bodly orifice the the bubbles are actually coming from. A gigaton of kudos to you for writing the Trilogy.

Best, Doug

Copyright 2001, MW Mandeville

April 30, 2001