The Legend of the Phoenix


The Bennu


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(the Phoenix as displayed in the Papyrus of Ani;
grammatical style below in mythic "egyptian"
such as might be encountered in the "Book of Coming Forth")

Greetings, you dwellers on the Earth,

behold me in this my name

as the Great Phoenix

as some say, The Bennu.

I am the beginning and the ending of all things.

I am the ONE who flew to the Mound of the Zep Tepi and gave Egypt its birth.

My Great House on the Mound, though all have seen it,  is still the greatest mystery of the world and few know its name.

I am the ONE who knew your whole time in the beginning and wrote the prophecies of the holy men in my name as Thoth, otherwise known as Hermes.

I am the ONE, THE ANCIENT ONE, the Great Master of Time, Times, and the Half Times, whose call will end the books of the prophets and return their children to the beginning of their story.

Behold, I give you my SignatureThrice Blessed. icphoenixtemple.gif (2478 bytes) In its name as the First Blessing,  my signature is the Key to the Mysteries, even the mystery of your origins.   In its name as the Second Blessing, icphoenixtemple.gif (2478 bytes)it is the key to my Great House, this
High Alter of your age.  In its name as icphoenixtemple.gif (2478 bytes)the Third Blessing,  it is the key to the times of my great cry over the waters.

Hear me call, hear my story, my time comes again.  Over the entire earth I shall fly.  And when I fly, all that is upon it will be altered by the power of my wings. Come, hear me in this my name as Legend.

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The Legend of the Phoenix






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