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MetaSyn Media Celebrates Its 14th Year On The Web During 2008.

And it rises anew in this new web site during the first few months of 2008.  Everything of the past is being aggressively edited and extensively restructured.

This is big work in a small town.  We are located in central Arizona at elevation 2100 feet in the small rural town of Black Canyon City. We have been here since 1998.

Thank God for the Iway which allows us to communicate around the world inexpensively and publish, debate, , research, and seek the highest possible intelligence far from the distractions of the vast urban tracks which appear to enthrall the mass of humanity.  We vastly prefer the wide open spaces and small town environments and the Iway makes it possible for us to do so while delving into the world's scientific and cultural literatures everywhere on Earth.  Scarcely 25 years ago that was merely a science fiction fantasy. Now we cannot imagine life without it.

It is quite certain that MetaSyn Media could not exist without the Iway because it is extremely difficult to create and find markets for intellectual products which do not serve corporate activities or narrowly-focused intellectual/academic elites.  With the Iway, location is irrelevant and the cost of marketing is very very small and growing smaller every year.  During just the last five years everyone in this small backwater town in the middle of nowhere has connected to the Iway.

More or less, the market for anything is now everywhere connected to practically everyone.  It is just a matter of making a data bridge through a topical focus.  It now seems that huge numbers of people are redefining their awareness and opportunities in the Iway Bridges, the world buzzes with these new realities.  Doubtless, this makes major change afoot everywhere in North America and Europe, with Asia and the Southern Hemisphere not really much behind.

The question is what will you do with it?

At this moment in 2008, MetaSyn Media is still a one-author business.  A few books are in print and three more are in serious development.  Several media experiments are shaping up and a couple of transformative projects will be unleased to prowl the Iway during 2008, including a frontal world-class campaign on the Global Warming issue.  The greying author still dreams of turning all of this into a larger business which carries itself so that he can eventually disappear into the wilds of someplace or another.

Speaking of business, most titles are and will be available through normal trade channels as well as directly on the Iway.  For Iway trade, middlemen such as Amazon.com are discouraged.  In the long run, they serve no purpose for the producer because they do not promote their products.  All book and media sales require constant work by the author to stimulate interest in the work.

The author hopes to change at least part of the world for the better with his works.  Activity to finish his work has reached a crescendo and a portion should be substantially complete during 2008 with the remainder finished during 2009.

The key to what the business and the author do is in the name:  meta syn.  That is a shortened form of meta-synthesis.  It is employed to elicit the idea of the PROCESS of creating metaphysics from the raw evidence of our experience and the naive ideas our brains generate to explain the evidence.  Otherwise stated, as the ancient Egyptians were fond of saying, it is science seeking the universality and immortality of the stars. Sometimes also stated, as the ancient Egyptians often interjected in their literature to spin a narrow  idea into a broader one , it is systems science describing the outline for the whole cloth of existence.

Based on a rigorous use of systems science to describe how the Earth functions within the observable cosmic frame, the author has meta-synthesized an entirely new scientific paradigm which he calls Vortex Tectonics.  The Vortex paradigm cuts through all earth sciences and redefines their central ideas.  This approach is so powerful in relating the connectivity of Changes in the Earth that the author believes firmly that Vortex Tectonics will become the central core for all the earth sciences during the next 20 years.

Hence MetaSyn Media. It provides the medicine which western scientists need to purge themselves of the illusions and delusions which currently dominate their thinking on such topics of Global Warming and Greenhouse Gasses.

The author harbors many other ideas for using the Iway to redefine human civilization within a framework of spiritual consciousness.  Some of these ideas he hopes to engineer through the Earth Changes Bulletin website.  Some of these he plans to work with through the Phoenix Quest website.

For our futures, which is in considerable doubt among all humans who can actually think, dedicated meta-synthesis is essential for finding better paths through the disasters, pollutions, and corruptions of the collapsing isms, schisms, classes, and mobs.  As we work to find the fullest truth of any matter in the highest framework of awareness, we (all pioneers) always find that meta-synthesis reveals the world we grew up in to be mostly wishful thinking and hoary legends.

So it is in the post-imperial world.  Here below is a link to a profoundly important document on current world history.  It is REQUIRED READING for anyone who wants to understand what is happening in the geo-political arena

"The 9/11 Hoax & The Changing Tide Of History"
by MW Mandeville, August 16, 2006

This is a free download (PDF) which summarizes the 9/11 conspiracy theories and the activities of the 9/11 Truth Movement
click here for download site



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