Michael Wells Mandeville

I barely got started with this concept and haven't added a thing to this in many years...

Pollock Pines, Sierra Nevadas, 2004 by Kimberbeth Simmons

Here I am in the midst of Redwood, Cedar, Pine, and Mountain Oak on the
western slopes of the central Sierra Nevadas.

Here is another photo of me as King of the Mountain (near Paradise, Tahoma).  I am at the service of kickbyte gonzo metasynthesizers near, at, or beyond the edge of human consciousness.



Latest Additions To My Album:

King of the Mountain

Richard M. Mandeville's Desert Water Color - "The Pillar"

How the Pet Cactus in our yard in Black Canyon City looked after a sudden 6 inch snowstorm (which happens here practically never).

For all of you conpiracy buffs, here is hot proof positive.  This was found at Boeing, reportedly retrieved among corporate papers which had been left accidentally at a meeting of the Executive Committee, Boeing's top secret Decision-Making Strategy.


More stuff:

A Friend & Michael on Banana Island in the Nile River, 1995

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