Michael Wells Mandeville


Professional & Business Experience

Currently:  Focused on the development of the Earth Changes Bulletin into a worldwide internet news media system and the publication of "The Nine Trends Which Are Changing The Earth - How Underwater Volcanism Causes Global Warming and Why Greenhouse Gas Is Just Hot Air".

2003/04:  From copy developed in the Earth Changes Bulletin, authored and published in English "The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006".  This book extrapolates economic trends predicated by Edgar Cayce, critiques the fatal transformation of the U.S. Republic into an overt Empire, and compares the current economic and political climate with the period of the 1930's;  book published in Italian during 2004 by Marco Edzioni.

2000/08:  Initiated the Earth Changes Bulletin internet newsletter and produced the weekly  "Earth Changes Bulletin Update", which monitors major solar, tectonic, environmental, and potlical changes on Earth.

2000:  Completed and published the "Return of the Phoenix", three volume set in paperback and on CD. 

1997/2001:  Focused exclusively on the Return of the Phoenix project. Extensive research in history, economics, archeology, egyptology, geology, geophysics, hermetic and spiritual traditions and other areas to verify or disprove Edgar Cayce's psychic comments about the ancient past of predictions about the future. During the course of this research, made several unique scientific contributions, including several scientific discoveries and the achievement of an objective material score for the accuracy of a famous psychic, Edgar Cayce.   Scientific discoveries made during this time include:  verification and correlation of earth quake and volcanic phenomenon with the cycles in Chandler's Wobble (polar motion), discovery of the X Wave driver of plate tectonics, first demonstrated proof that volcanism creates El Nino, discovery of the correlation of the X Wave Minimum with North Pacific Arc earthquakes, first articulation of vortex plate tectonics, first demonstrated method for recovery of ancient memories from old stories, myths, & legends,  first quantified proof of an anomalous world-wide trend of rapidly increasing tectonic activity and plate motion.

1995/97: Created MetaSyn Media as a sole proprietorship and  primarily focused on the creation of an electronic publishing enterprise on the World Wide Web of the Internet; study of technology, sociology, politics, and markets of the Internet; created several websites for clients.

1991/95: Ad-hoc consulting for business management, set-up, and planning projects; conducted a major study for a client in preparation of a strategic marketing plan for products in the retail health food industry; taught several software courses at Bellevue Community College (Windows, Excel, Winword, Intro To Computers); conducted independent research in techniques to transmute and neutralize radiation; published results in 1996:  "Experimental Methods For Altering or Destroying Radioactivity".

1982/91:  Initiated New Venture Associates as a consulting proprietorship for small business start-ups and expansions; wrote several complete business plans for different clients during this period jointly with.Palms & Company Inc., a private placement investment banking firml; reviewed business plans in all types of industries and made recommendations concerning them; offered planning guidance and wrote business plans for about three dozen clients of the firm; designed and installed the company's computer management systems.

1980/81: Organized the Solar Fuels Co. (a proprietorship) and published the "Alcohol-Biofuels Newsletter" for one year, organized the "California Alcohol Fuel Producers Association" (a state lobby group) and conducted several seminars and workshops on alcohol fuel production.

1979/80: Principal partner in AMBIX, a publishing company; authored and marketed the book "Solar Alcohol".

1979: Principal partner in Rainbow Arts; organized and managed the Northwest Arts Wholesale Tradeshow for 150 craft artists.

1975/78: Principal partner in Colorglyph Ceramic Arts, handling all aspects of artistic and commercial management, including design, finances, and marketing.

1973/74: Co-organized and conducted the "Global Village Conference", sponsored by the Governor's Office, the Washington State Library, and Evergreen State College; Managing Publisher for Cosmic Mechanix, an 80 page futures guide to the application of advanced communication/information technology, published by Index; INDEX video communications consultant to the Energy Symposia at Spokane Expo '74.

1973/79: Free-lance writing, consulting, and business involvements in promotion, media, technology, arts, and real estate.

1970/72: Teaching Assistant in Political Science; organized and taught an independent course in American Government for the last 4 quarters of this period.

1967/68: UW Student Body Vice-President; designed and installed the first program-management budgeting and accounting system in a Washington State agency.

1965/68: Organized and managed Students Inc., a non-profit corporation which published Lecture Notes (with 45 employees); liquidated Students Inc. and donated program and assets to the A.S.U.W., which still operates the program. In 1967, initiated and organized the U.W. Experimental College program, a non-credit educational program which offers over 400 courses to about 5000 people each quarter.

1960/64: United States Navy, voluntary enlistment; served as an Electronics Technician servicing radar and communications gear; over 300 units under my care as an ET2; honorable discharge.