Michael Wells Mandeville


Publications & Artistic Productions  (Click here for list of items available online)

1967: Wrote a program design book for the National Students Association, titled "Lecture Notes"; published by Students Inc.

1969: Organized research project and authored "University Decision-Making", a 120 page analysis of the University of Washington; published by the A.S.U.W.

1972: Wrote "Industrial Washington", a 50 page analysis of energy planning and a comparative study of regional planning by various governmental actors in the Puget Sound Region, and "Seattle: Past, Present, & Future", a 200 page analysis of the urban growth projectory, both as part of a dissertation program.

1972: Wrote "Cybernetic Renaissance Fair", a 22 page program outline for a participatory futures program in communication/information policy-making; published by the American Bicentennial Commission.

1973: Wrote a "Critique of the Metro Bus Plan", a 30 page policy analysis of a ten year capital investment and public service plan of the Metropolitan Municipality of Seattle (politically circulated).

1973: Authored "Global Village Program", a 120 page program outline for the use of advanced communication/information technology at Expo '74; circulated by Index, a non-profit research and public service corporation.

1973: Designed & produced the "1975 Cosmic Clock", a printed wheel-mandala calendar; sold about 2500 copies.

1974: Invented the "Time Machine", a futures game of the Pacific Northwest, drawn from a manuscript "Energy and the Future of the Pacific Northwest"; used in group process work with the World Future Society, Weyerhaueser, and other organizations.

1974: Finished a 20,000 word manuscript "Energy and the Future of the Pacific Northwest"; privately circulated by the Washington Environmental Council and the Army Corps of Engineers.

1974: Wrote "Environmental Energy", "The Energy Crisis", and "Puget Sound Environmental Energy"; three briefs published by Index.

1975: Designed and produced the 1976 Cosmic Clock, a 32" wheel mandala, silk-screened by hand as a limited edition in 9 colors. (100 sold)

1975: Wrote "Gift of the Midwives", an 8200 word psychic science scenario, remains unpublished.

1975: Wrote "Community Information Service Network", a 78 page program design for a computerized community information referrel network, for Index.

1976: Established a commercially successful line of ceramic jewelry; 30 designs of whales, dolphins, rainbows, hearts, etc.

1977: Successfully expanded ceramic jewelry line to over 60 designs.

1978: Created a new line of ceramic jewelry and plaques, including 13 new designs in pendents and a King Tut Commemorative Plaque.

1978: Created and produced a promotional package for Colorglyph Ceramic Art; including 7 color brochures and an entire mail order catalog system for wholesaling to retailers.

1978: Designed and produced promotional graphics for several organizations.

1978: Exhibition in Pacific Northwest Arts and Crafts Fair (Bellevue); "Color Mirror of Solar System".

1979: Created all promotional material, press releases, graphics, etc. for the Northwest Arts Wholesale Trade Show.

1979: Authored the book entitled "Solar Alcohol, The Fuel Revolution", three printings under Ambix. (123 pp.)

1980: Authored and published 12 issues of the "Alcohol-Biofuels Newsletter", a 10 page monthly; folded publication due to the recession and the collapse of the renewable energy industry.

1983: Wrote "Teleshopper", a five year business plan for computerized information systems for private clients; a feasiblity study.

1984: Designed a book, "The Peace Catalog", for a private client and prepared a one year business plan for "Press For Peace, Inc."

1984: Prepared a national TV/Telemarketing plan for "The Peace Catalog".

1985: Wrote "The Video-Magazine", a feasibility study for publishing a video-tape magazine; prepared for a private client.

1985: Wrote "The Entrepreneurial Development Strategy For The People Of The State Of Washington", an 80 page document sponsored by Veritas Services, privately circulated for support & possible publication; summary article published in the July issue of NW Entrepreneur Magazine.

1985: Wrote "Financial Management Strategy For Entrepreneurial Incubation: A Seed $ Program For Small Business Incubation", a 60 page business plan for the operation of a venture capital fund.

1985: Wrote "The Elegant Mousse & Other Penguins", a business plan for a restaurant operation and wholesale marketing of a line of chocolate mousse and other custard desserts, prepared for a private client.

1985: Wrote "Business Plan For The El Gaucho Restaurant & The Collage Deli", a turn-around plan for a restaurant loosing money and a start-up plan for a new deli restaurant concept, prepared for a private client.

1986: Wrote "High Technology In The State Of Washington", an extensive article which reviews the underpinnings of the regional high technology industry; partially published in the "Washington State Pavilion Official Guidebook".

1986/87: Prepared about a dozen professional "Memo Of Analysis & Proposal" for clients of Palms & Company; these outlined how to structure additional rounds of capitalization and the strategy for raising the capital. Critiqued several hundred business plans & provided counseling for improving them; installed and created all aspects of Palms & Co.'s computer management system, including design of an extensive database and the program structure for a "Venture Net Telecommunications System".

1987: Wrote "The Cybernetic Renaissance", a extensive analysis of the evolution and future prospects of the electronics, computer, and robotics industries.

1987: Designed and tested the "Venture Banker Financial Model", a spreadsheet template for producing pro forma financial statements and business plans.

1987: "High Technology In The State Of Washington" article published in the Seattle Times, Sept. 27, 1987.

1987/89: Prepared several business plans for clients of Palms & Company (names withheld for client confidentiality): "Commercial Robotics", "A National Perfume Company", "A Roofing Company", "A Movie Production Company", "A Placer Gold-Mining Company", "A Private Airport Payphone Company", "A Shoe Sole Manufacturer", and "A Regional Real Estate Development Company".

1989: Conducted a market survey in Russia of trade opportunities with the Soviet Union.

1990: Wrote "Transformation Of The Soviet Economy" and "The American-Soviet Alliance", two essays about the steps which the Soviet Union must take to solve its critical economic and foreign affairs problems; primarily circulated in Russia; hearings on the essays were conducted in March by the Central Committee of the Communist Party at the request of President Gorbachov.

1990: Substantially rewrote the "Cybernetic Renaissance" article in preparation for publishing it; an analysis of the trendlines in the computer industry and a 10 year forecast of major entrepreneurial opportunities.

1991: Wrote business plan for "MAXAPOWER", a plan for marketing a new technology for the use of hydrogen as a source of energy; handbuilt own "demo design" for a hydrogen generator; wrote business plan for MAXTRAX, an agrobotics venture with a showcase project in Sri Lanka.

1992/93: Wrote a "Strategic Market Study" for Juice On The Loose, Inc., a long term analysis of the health food juicing industry and its likely development.

1993/94 Wrote a patent application for the Keller Catalytic Process, a method for transmuting radioactivity into harmless elements. Conducted a series of scientific experiments which verified the Keller Catalytic Process and the findings of other researchers; wrote up the results in a study titled "Experimental Methods For Altering Or Destroying Radioactivity".

1994: Prepared a "Start-Up Business Plan" and several Excel models of juicebars and a juicebar franchising program for Juice On The Loose, Inc.

1995/98: Setup a website for MetaSyn Media as an electronic publishing company; created many websites and hundreds of webpages.

1999:  Completed a trilogy titled "Return of the Phoenix:, over a thousand combined pages about the work and predictions of Edgar Cayce and the articulation of several new scientific findings and theories in the field of earth science.

2000/08:  Published  three annual "Earth Changes Bulletin" editions as well as a weekly newsletter of the same name.

2002:  Published “Sacred Initiations”, a spiral-bound  manual for how to use yogi breathing techniques, selected mantras, and meditation techniques to open the chakra points and energy channels in body and soul; a practical framework for exploring spiritual healing, kundalini, rapture, trance, and ascension phenomenon.

2003:   Published "The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006" based on the 25 year economic depression cycle which predicts a major economic "bottom" in 2007.

2005/08:  Several new works in progess:  see My Bio