Michael Wells Mandeville



Education: B.A., M.A., and Ph.C. (doctoral candidate status), University of Washington; emphasis in Political Theory, Philosophy of Science, American Government, Administration, and Politics, Social Systems Analysis, Systems Theory, Futurology, Public Administration, Organizational Management, & Educational Psychology.

Business: Self-supporting since early college in small, self-started businesses; started & operated the U.W. Lecture Notes, the U.W. Experimental College, San Vito Press (printing services), Colorglyph Ceramic Arts (ceramic manufacturing), and the Solar Fuels Company (renewable energy consultancy in California); consulting work in business start-up operations since late 1983 - intensive work with capital formation, business development strategy, syndication agreements, national marketing methods, business plan writing for several small business clients, business analysis of over 2000 businesses; completed two small sales of computer equipment to the Soviet Union during 1990; taught several software courses at Bellevue Community College; created several web sites including Atlantic Rising Magazine, Peter Palms, Muller Magnetic, and others.

Latest Activity:  Writing, Publishing, and Lecturing on the economic, political, spiritual, environmental, and tectonic trends which are transforming Earth and all aspects of Human Civilization. 


Business Analysis, Design, Structuring,  Start-up, and Management

review and consultation on over 2000 business plans; preparation of Business Plans, Marketing Studies, & Financial Strategy for three dozen clients and projects in diverse businesses; hiring, firing, and management of groups of as many as 45 employees.

Writing, Publishing, Graphics, & Printing, Computer Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet, and Communication Tools:

several articles and several books published, four years of weekly newsletters produced; over 20 years of software used experience

Artistic Symbolism, Design, & Production:

developed over 50 ceramic jewelry designs and marketed them to department stores;

Group Communication, Teaching, and Public Speaking:

two years of teaching at the U.W., many group seminars and topical presentations; have taught over 10 software courses and workshops, 1960 Washington State High School Oratory Champion;

Science & Technology:

four years shipboard U.S. Navy Electronics Technician; Renewable Energy Consultant for the State of California and argicultural cooperatives; independent scientific research in the nature of matter and methods to transmute radioactive elements; completion of four years of major historical research to validate the abilities of "psychic" individuals to reliably predict the future and read past events; discovery of the percepts of "vortex tectonics" to explain how Earth's plate tectonics is driven by centrifugal force, Chandler's Wobble, and the gavitational vectors of the Moon and Sun; discovery of several correlations and preliminary proofs of vortex tectonics;  detailed exploration of how and why meditative practices develop healing powers and psychic abilities.