Resume of Michael Wells Mandeville

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My major focus is to help develop concepts which dignify humanity and uplift human horizons into spiritual perspectives which serve the entire world. I can work in two roles: (a) in a strategic role, using and coordinating the activities of specialists; (b) as a single creator. Currently, with one hand I write assessments about major changes and trends in the Earth and Human Affairs and with the other hand I am engaged in the development of cooperative online communities which empower people to create a better future..


I am efficient, technically astute, a skilled writer, a good speaker, and I enjoy working with all aspects of operations, marketing, organization and financial analysis.

Teaching & Creativity: originality and the ability to create teams of people; decisive business problem-solving; advanced analytic skills for solving political, organizational, and technical problems; the ability to tutor and teach people in technical subjects;

Computer-sophisticated: wide-ranging technical familiarity with buying, building, installing, and maintaining PC computers; expert user/teacher of WinWord, Excel, and Windows; experienced in writing complex batch files and macro automation routines;

Internet Capable: html page coding and software, WWW protocols,  internet resources and methodologies, and electronic publishing;

Publishing: strong writing and communication abilities; detailed knowledge of the publishing industry and the mechanics of book marketing and distribution;

Experienced: extensive, seasoned operational knowledge of how business and industry works; entrepreneurially created several programs or businesses.

Science & Technology:  wide-ranging conceptual grasp of physics, geophysics, electronics, and human history and politics


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