This pix on the left was taken April 2005 by Alice Galassi in Padua, Italy at the Italian offices of Nexus Magazine, an highly-regarded source of speculative articles at the leading edge of many paradigm shifts.

Michael Wells Mandeville
electronic publishing at the leading edge of history

I am the publisher at MetaSyn Media

My Bio - a short two pager on the web, or My Bio in PDF with a pix.  My online resume is up-to-date as of January 2008 or you can download my resume in PDF.   You can always check out What's New with me.  You can check out my pix album as well. And of course you can send me a message to:  mwm  at (you will have to fit these together and replace at with @ - this is displayed this way to foil automated spamsters).

You can go here to check if I am involved in any events (but probably you won't find much for 2008 until I finish my current projects much later in the year. icthothking.jpg (1913 bytes)

You can go to the Cosmic Catalog to find the list of my work which can be sampled here on my personal site. My personal site harbors all of the sample materials for my books, such as for the Return of the Phoenix The Return of the Phoenix Homepage - Master Access My personal site also harbors a personal resource which does not fit into my other sites:  Thothermes Library. icthothwrite.jpg (2648 bytes)It is a personal collection of some esoteric and philosophic things which only a few people are likely to find interesting.  Nearly all my scientific material is housed at the Earth Changes website which has its own domain name on a different host.

Here is how to access my other website domains on other ISP hosts:

MetaSyn Media ---  Earth Changes Bulletin

Cosmic Catalog ---  Phoenix Quest


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