This pix on the left was taken April 2005 by Alice Galassi in Padua, Italy at the Italian offices of Nexus Magazine, an highly-regarded source of speculative articles at the leading edge of many paradigm shifts.

You can also go to the Cosmic Catalog to find a list of my some of my work which is available to the public, or will become available, most likely this year. The Cosmic Catalog provides samples of  my books or products, such as for the Return of the Phoenix The Return of the Phoenix Homepage - Master Access   at the Cosmic Catalog      

(edit change note:  At the moment these are not availble)

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Michael Wells Mandeville
electronic publishing at the leading edge of history

I am the publisher at MetaSyn Media

The best current profiles of what I am doing is at Suviveglobalcooling.

You can look at an old bio and an old resume on these links:  My Bio - a short two pager on the web, or My Bio in PDF with a pix. (links may not entirely work there)  My online resume is up-to-date as of January 2008 or you can download my resume in PDF.

You can check out my on-going current major projects, one of which is now 25 years old, on the home page for MetaSyn Media

You can go there to check if I am involved in any events   Or you will probably be able to find out about events and activities on one of the new wave of independent free speech non NWO populist social media tools now popping up on the Iway,  They are growing vigorously after being liberallly fertilized throughout the Iway by years of NWO manure (pun definitely intended).







and others which may be added

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