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Michael Wells Mandeville

How does a man combine a strong scientific orientation  while dealing with the intangibilities of political, economic, and spiritual affairs?

The scientific side started early.  Mandeville earned his first technical qualifications by serving in the Navy for four years as an electronic technician. Ever since meeting on board ship with electrons and magnetic storms while working with radar and radio communications, he has maintained a lifelong interest in the physical sciences.

He earned broader intellectual spurs with nine years of study of history, science, economics, and psychology at the University of Washington. In 1972, he became a doctoral student in classical political theory and modern systems theory.

He went on to apply his skills for 25 years as an artist and as a consultant in energy technology and business planning.   While working for many types of businesses, Mandeville broadened his interests by nourishing spiritual meditation practices.

By the early 1990’s Mandeville began to follow the cold fusion controversy and was ready to jump into doing some fundamental research at the edge of the unknown. He took up the hunches of several cold fusion researchers and proved in a series of experiments that it was possible to use inexpensive electrochemical means to transmute radioactive elements into inert elements like lead and the catalytic metals. Unfortunately to this day this topic remains  a truth which most academics refuse to acknowledge because it does not fit their preferred paradigms.

During the middle of the 1990’s, archeological and geological discoveries by a number of researchers and explorers stimulated Mandeville to explore Egyptian prehistory and take up the challenge to determine the validity of Edgar Cayce’s stories of ancient Egypt. Cayce had made many clairvoyant statements about the ancient world and how geological change occurred. Mandeville undertook the challenge to prove or disprove them.

He found it easy to go beyond conventional thinking and confirm many of Cayce’s stories. Using Cayce’s tips and clues, Mandeville assembled a large portfolio of many newly discovered facts which geologists, archeologists, geophysicists, oceanographers, paleontologists had discovered during the last fifty years. He discovered that the new facts painted a "big picture" which tended to corroborate Cayce’s stories far more often than not.

Mandeville began to outline the "big picture" in the "Return of the Phoenix" in 1994.  He did not finish until three volumes were published in 2000. In the course of presenting and validating Cayce’s notions about the past, Mandeville discovered and proved out his own original theories about the forces which shape the geology of the Earth. Using geophysical databases and several decades of findings made by many researchers from layers of sediments and ice, Mandeville was able to demonstrate that the off-center wobbling motion of the Earth (which is named Chandler’s Wobble) is one of the primary causes of the movement of the tectonic plates, which in turn causes the waxing and waning of earthquake activity, volcanism, and even El Nino weather.

The finding about El Nino was one of the most surprising discoveries made by Mandeville.  Who would expect that underwater volcanism was so active that it can heat up the oceans (by heating the ocean in the South Pacific from underwater volcanic heat vents) and change the climate in major regions of the world?  But it does and this effect is easily seen by comparing the regular ebb and flow of visible volcanism with the "beat" of the Earth's Wobble.  All three clearly "dance" together in the same cosmic beat. 

This discovery he named "Vortex Tectonics". Mandeville claims that a series of graphs demonstrate that a progressive drift of the average location of the Wobble has been accelerating since at least the early part of the the 20th century and that this has caused at least a fourfold increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes since the middle of the 20th century. 

Even more profoundly for today's humanity, Mandeville found himself able to explain Global Warming as the product of natural geological processes rather than as a product of increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  By comparing nine primary geophysical trends of change in the Earth, such as seismic activity, volcanic activity, greenhouse gases, shift in the average location of the wobble, average energy in the world's oceans, average temperature in the surface atmosphere, and others, one easily comes to the conclusion that all the trends are connected to one primary cause.  They clearly tend to rise and fall together. This discovery Mandeville intends to publish in a forthcoming book titled "The Nine Trends Changing The Earth 1875-2025; How Global Warming Is Caused By Underwater Volcanism & Why Greenhouse Gas Is Just Hot Air"

Mandeville began publishing his "discovery" work in 2000 informally on the web through a newsletter titled "The Earth Changes Bulletin". He has gradually refined the Bulletin into a weekly newsletter which monitors and comments on major earth trends and events.

To provide strong evidence for his findings and to demonstrate the central concepts of Vortex Tectonics., Mandeville created a huge database of graphs and charts on geophysical and solar trends during 2006, 2007, and early 2008.  This database is now stored on the Iway in the Earth Changes Gallery.  A large number of these trend graphs were created directly by Mandeville from various scientific data series. His graphs are supplemented by pix and graphs by many others to illustrate the concepts in greater detail and prove some important aspects about the multi-dimensional geophysical  Changes In The Earth.  Mandeville intends to roll out this Gallery for public viewing during the later part of 2008.

In the course of developing all this new data and discovering new important findings about how plate tectonics actually works, Mandeville began to realize that the third volume of the "Return of the Phoenix" could and should be revised substantially to provide a deeper understanding of Cayce's comments and predictions about the future of the Earth.

So in late 2005 he took up the task of editing the Trilogy.  During the first half of 2008 this editing work will come to fruition with the printing of a revised edition.  Following that, the Gallery will be made presentable for public viewing and scientific scrutiny.  A short version of the Gallery will be published in the forthcoming book "The Nine Trends Changing The Earth..."

At the start of the peak in sunspot activity in 2000, Mandeville began compiling a weekly update of solar and planetary activity to provide warnings about the severe droughts and floods which were devastating agriculture in many parts of the world.. He rapidly expanded this to include the political and economic affairs of humanity after he learned that previous research by many international scholars had shown that high sunspot counts profoundly influence the emotional and mental reactions of people.

While tracking the influence of the sunspot cycle on human affairs, Mandeville began to chronicle how the manipulations and deceptions of the American right wing and Zionist-oriented lobbies were amplified by key American political leaders and the Mass Broadcast Media in North America into a strong push for war in Iraq. Mandeville concluded that the highly emotional drive to expansion of war in Iraq by the Bush administration and the Israeli government during 2002 and 2003 was irrational at its core, was entirely based on deceptions and illusions, and might achieve the opposite of the stated goals and intentions, and thus result in a decrease in global security.  These concerns Mandeville published in 2002 and 2003.

Mandeville then wrote the "Coming Economic Collapse of 2006" to provide a brief synopsis of these observations. He wrote it in every-day language to help non-experts understand and cope with what was most likely to happen through to approximately 2008/2010. The events of 1999 to 2003 are discussed within the play of the long term economic and political cycles and objective trends of the world which have been set in motion by the invasive and domineering activities of the Bush administration.

Mandeville concluded the book with a discussion of how these cycles may play out during 2004-2008 within the highly reactive negative political trends which the renewed push of U.S. imperialism generated under the pervasively corrupt and often criminal Bush/Cheney regime.

Mandeville hopes to devote a good portion of the next few years helping to catalyze broad ranging international discussions about how the world as a whole can best rebuild a sound international political and economic system which is not based on unilateralist attitudes and behaviors.

Mandeville's website offers many sample chapters from his various books and provides details about how to obtain a printed version of his books or ebook versions, or both.  You may visit his website at: http://www.michaelmandeville.com/ or connect to the main body of his work at http://www.www.earthchanges-bulletin.com

Educational Programs & Backgrounding for Media About Global Warming

Mandeville has developed an extensive set of Powerpoint Presentations on Global Warming.  He now can provide a powerful briefing on what causes it, where it is going, and how humanity needs to adapt to the changes which are underway.  He argues that the climatological models are not very good, are not soundly applied, and cannot provide guidance to humanity.  Based on a broad and thorough systems assessment of the geophysical trends and their clear material and ecological consequences, Mandeville offers strong guidelines for the direction of public policy, how corporations must and will respond, and how citizens in all countries need to prepare.

Educational Programs & Backgrounding for Media On Edgar Cayce

Most people incorrectly use Cayce’s material and make gross error in quoting him. Mandeville has complete documentation on Edgar Cayce and knows Cayce’s material thoroughly, perhaps better than anyone else. He spent five years to establish an objective rate of accuracy for Cayce’s statements, which run typically at 92%. In establishing this objective score, Mandeville has created a major scientific milestone in the annals of psychic science and has become the leading scientific expert on Cayce’s predictions. He can immediately steer any query about Cayce’s comments to a decisive result. He generally can relay very quickly what Cayce said or did not say on a wide range of topics.


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