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January 2008:

  • Go to My Bio for the best summary update.

January 2005:

  • I am preparing for a book tour in Italy in April 2005 and later a tour of the Western USA.  Meanwhile I am redesigning all aspects of the my websites and bringing some of research up to date on the Changes In The Earth.  For my major focus at this time, see current My Bio.

April 2001:

September - October 1999:

  • Almost utterly exhausted by the expenditure of energy to rewrap the website and htmlize the Trilogy. I hate Microsoft's crappy software.
  • Now actively looking for an agent and a print book publisher - prefer an English agent and prefer to come out in the euro markets.
  • A few more days to finish Book Three editing. About three more weeks to complete a few chapters in  Book One. Things are almost wrapped up for the trilogy.
  • On October 18, MetaSyn's old website was entirely removed and a completely new website was installed, along with a portion of the Return of the Phoenix.


March 97 - Total revamp of everything on the website... and hyperdrive to get a draft finished for a substantial part of the Phoenix book. The latest generation of software from Microsoft has been of very little help. It is all crappy and inadequate but the competition is even worse. In some ways the new stuff for NT is a productivity step backwards and Office 97 Word, to my horror, has been dumbed down and absolutely critical functions for webpage production have been eliminated, but Frontpage does not pick up the ball. Had to reinstall Office 95 AND Word 6.0 to get to use all of the exact functions I want when I want. Microsoft would loose its applications customers in a heartbeat if there was anything else on the horizon which was better and backwardly compatible.


I was too busy with Environmental Tune-Up Inc. to make as much progess on my book as I wanted.


Actually, what's new is the June/July trip I am embarking on May 31, 1995 to Italy, Greece, and Egypt. I will be joing the lady of my life in Rome (who has been at the University of Rome all Spring quarter through a special program of the History Department of the University of Washington. We are going to follow the historical flow of civilization backwards, hopefully right back to the catacombs which were revealed to Solon nearly 2600 years ago. The Egyptians claimed at that time that they could trace their history in unbroken succession back from that point approximately 10,000 years, VERY CLOSE TO A PIVOTAL NUMBER, 12,500, which has more ramifications than I want to think about. About two years ago, a German archeological group uncovered an extensive labyrinth in a sub-basement of the temple at Luxor, and I believe that this is Solon's Catacombs. There has been no printed reports on this find in the English language. The German group reports that the carvings clearly predate everything which is known classically as "Egyptian" and the photos I have been privileged to see clearly show things which the average specialized academic is not going to be able to digest adequately since they are so mind-blowing: strange things like electrical wiring diagrams and procedures for making primitive batteries in big clay pots, using same to light globes which are worn as head-dresses inside temples, beings flying around in triangular shaped vehicles, teaching men how to create these things, and more...REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS MIND-BLOWING, PARADIGM SHIFTING KIND OF STUFF. I hope to capture every square inch of the carved walls in photographs and make them available through these pages. I hope to verify by personal experience that this discovery is the most important archeological discovery to date.


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