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Edgar Cayce's Life


This material is drawn from a few chapters of Book One,  "The Veil", of the "Return of the Phoenix" .  For additional links about Cayce, click here.

Reviews of the Cayce Biographies

  Chapter 5 - Edgar Cayce   The Mystery of Mysteries

All The Blind Men

The Cayce Biographies

Edgar Cayce’s "My Life and Work"

A. Robert Smith’s "The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce"

Sugrue’s "There Is A River"

Bro’s "A Seer Out Of Season"

David Kahn’s "My Life With Edgar Cayce"

Jess Stearn’s "The Sleeping Prophet"

Composite Sketch Of Edgar Cayce's Life

Chapter 6 - Cayce's Personal Chronology

The Cayce Enigma

A Chronology

Cayce The Freak (1877 – 1894)

Cayce The Bookworm (1894 – 1904)

Cayce The Photographer (1904 – 1919)

Cayce The Wildcatter (1919 - 1922)

Cayce The Psychic Researcher (1923-1932)

Cayce The Prophet (1932-1945)

Chapter 7 - The Early Years Of The Reluctant Prophet

Chapter 8 - The Emergence Of The Reluctant Prophet


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