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About the Return of the Phoenix

A Summary Review


Edgar Cayce's

Earth Changes Prophecies

Cayce's prophecies about the end of this century were extensive and detailed.  They have never been comprehensively summarized and presented, thus I have undertaken to do so...

Book Three of the Return of the Phoenix, "The Prophecies", provides the result of studying the "Change In The Earth" prophecies of Edgar Cayce and the "End Times" prophecies of many other religious traditions for several years.  It is the only serious scientific study which has ever been undertaken on the subject and the results and conclusions are not as one might suppose from any of the existing materialistic, spiritual, or religious traditions. If you are looking for some radically different answers than the "same ole", this synthesis points to  horizons almost no one has ever even suspected.

Three chapters in "The Prophecies"   provide clear scientific and philosophic overviews for most traditional and millennial prophecy.  These two provide the background and context:

  Chapter 35 - Correlations In The Ancient Memories
                                          Legends, Tall Tales, & Facts

  Chapter 44 - Prophecies Of The Phoenix
                                         Whispers In The Wind

A third chapter provides, in as much as possible, Edgar Cayce's entire vision of the future as stated in his own words and phrases.  Because Cayce's grammar was so bad, this version is a literary reconstruction of all of Cayce's objective historical predictions.  They are all fitted together to summarize the complete vision in a lucid, easy-to-read form:

  Chapter 45 - The Change In The Earth Prophecy
                                         The Return Of The Phoenix

About the Return of the Phoenix


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