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Return of the Phoenix

Return of the Phoenix - A Trilogy by MW Mandeville

The Quest


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Key topics include: 10,500 BC, 2000 AD, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Memory, Archeology, Atlantis, Catastrophism, Chandler’s Wobble, Christianity, Clairvoyance, Crustal Motion, Earthquakes, Edgar Cayce, End Times, Geology, Geophysics, Giza, Great Pyramid, Hall of Initiation, Hapgood, Hermes and Hermetic Philosophy, History of the 20th Century, Legends, Location of the Poles, Magnetic Reversals, Metaphysics, Millennium, Mythology and Metaphor of the Phoenix, Mythology, Orion, Plate Tectonics and Geophysics thereof, Polar Ice Caps, Polar Motion, Pole Shift, Precognition, Prophecy, Prophets, Psychic Phenomenon, Religion, Sphinx, Validation and Verification of Psychic Accuracy, Volcanism, Wisconsin Ice Age, & Y'shua.

copyright mwm 1996-2008

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