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The Trilogy of the Return of the Phoenix
Revised Edition 2006

Here is an anthology in three books (the only anthology) of the stories and prophecies of Edgar Cayce, compiled with a scientific assessment of their validity, a summary of Cayce’s visionary story of the last 100,000 years of human history, and a complete presentation of Cayce's extensive and far-reaching "Change In The Earth Prophecy" for Centuries 20 and 21.  Cayce's life story is presented, his accuracy and validity is scientifically calculated, many of his stories about the  past and his lifetime are summarized, and his visionary sweep of the future is fully presented with a detailed assessment of when and how many aspects of his predictions are likely to be fulfilled.  Here are the Master Keys for understanding Century 21, including the rapidly accelerating Earth Changes, massive upheavals, and the "Great Leveling" of the masses and classes and the Nations of the world which would embroil Americans in endless foreign wars and even a second revolution in America unless Americans leaned strongly to support peace, justice, and equality, and even a second revolution in America. Here is a synthesis of Cayce's three greatest prophecies and  warnings:  economic failure and revolution in the U.S. if and when wealth becomes too concentrated, a shift in the location of the Earth's Spin Axis during the early portion of Century 21 which destroys many great cites in many nations and other catastrophes but eventually an opening of the Hall of Records (a time capsule) in Egypt to reveal the true historical heritage of Humanity. 

The Trilogy is graphically rich, with extensive tables, graphs, and illustrations.  It is available in Paperback, Hardback, CDROM, and Online and plans are under way to produce an audio version.

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Summary of Scientific Findings:  See Chapter 48, Book Three

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Return of the Phoenix

Book One:
The Veil

ISBN 0970186134

Revised Edition 2006
465 Pages

Edgar Cayce – an overview of his capabilities, ideas, life, metaphysics, prophecies, readings, & historical context of his work and an analytic summary of the major assessments of his psychic talent. (Key topics related to Edgar Cayce: Accuracy, Biography, Career, Clairvoyance, Christianity, End Times, Metaphysics, Millennium, Precognition, Prophecy, Prophets, Psychic Readings & Predictions, Religion, Validation and Verification of Psychic Accuracy)

Return of the Phoenix
Book Two:

The Great Break-Up

ISBN 0970186142

Revised Edition 2006
381 Pages

The Great Break-Up is a comprehensive anthology and verification of Edgar Cayce's psychic predictions and visions about business, economics, history, international affairs, politics, and the future of the human race in the 21st Century. Cayce’s predictions are presented within the times of their making during 1923-1944 and the story of their scientific assessment during the 1990's is fully told to systematically document why Cayce’s predictions have an objective average score of 92%.

Return of the Phoenix
Book Three:
The Prophecies

ISBN 0970186150

Revised Edition 2006
680 Pages

The Prophecies is a definitive anthology and scientific analysis of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies for Century 21 about great social, religious, economic, geological, and environmental upheaval. During the first half of the 20th Century, this amazing prophet predicted the opening of an ancient time vault in Egypt which will reveal the spiritual origins of human civilization and help humanity rebuild after a series of catastrophic Earth Changes culminate in the early part of Century 21 with a shift in the location of the poles. Cayce’s prophecies are fully presented, for the first time ever, along with the major correlations in the geological record which corroborate Cayce’s predictions and prove that they are on track. The Prophecies also explores the major parallels between Cayce’s stories and the ancient memories of humanity as found in the ancient records, legends, and prophecies of various religions and cultures. The Prophecies concludes with a presentation of the principles of Vortex Tectonics, which are used to describe the most likely scenario of why, how, and when the crust of the Earth may avalanche during Century 21 and how this shift will impact human civilization.

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On The Pages Of The Trilogy

The "Trilogy of the Return of the Phoenix" concludes with a presentation of the discovery of major new scientific principles (Vortex Plate Tectonics) which explain how the Earth’s surface has been shaped by the mechanisms of continuous polar motion, migration, and periodical sudden avalanches of the crust to shift the pole into a new location. The author uses the principles of Vortex Tectonics to describe the most likely scenario of why, how, and when the crust of the Earth may avalanche during Century 21 to bring the North Pole close to Northern Europe, along with a summary of the likely consequences for humans..

[Key topics include: 10,500 BC, 2000 AD, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Memory, Archeology, Atlantis, Catastrophism, Century 21, Chandler’s Wobble, Christianity, Crustal Motion, Earthquakes, Edgar Cayce, End Times, Geology, Geophysics, Giza, Great Pyramid, Hall of Initiation, Hapgood, Hermes and Hermetic Philosophy, History Of The 20th Century, Legends, Location of the Poles, Magnetic Reversals, Metaphysics, Millennium, Mythology, Mythology and Metaphor of the Phoenix, Orion, Plate Tectonics and Geophysics thereof, Polar Ice Caps, Polar Motion, Pole Shift, Prophecy, Prophets, Religion, Sphinx, Validation and Verification of Psychic Accuracy, Volcanism, Wisconsin Ice Age, & Y'shua.]


The three books in the "Return of the Phoenix: A Trilogy of the World Epic" are available as a set in Hardback or Paperback.  They are also available individually. They can be purchased through Ingram, Lightningsource, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and all independent bookstores who order through standard wholesale distributors. They are also available in England through booksellers.

The Trilogy is graphically rich, with extensive tables and over 60 graphs and illustrations. The complete set is also available as three electronic books in Open Document Acrobat PDF format.

Library Hardcover Edition: ISBN 0970186118, 1525 pages in three volumes;

Trade Paperback Edition: ISBN 0970186126, 1525 pages in three volumes;

CDROM Edition: ISBN 097018610X; (included with The Hardback Edition).

Internet E-book Editions in PDF

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Some Of The Landmark Scientific Achievements Of The Trilogy

The Story of Edgar Cayce’s Credibility & Vision

A systematic study of every objective historical prediction (non-personal) ever made by Cayce was conducted over a five year period during the 1990’s to produce the original edition of 2000.  The Trilogy was revised again in 2005 after more study and reviews in light of the devastating changes created by political incompetence, the Tragedy in Iraq, widespread corruption under the Globalism policies, the emerging economic failure of the U.S. and the unparalleled take-over of American politics by cliques and cabals who are pursuing Imperial ambitions at the expense of the American people, and the rapid acceleration of Earth Changes, all of which Cayce warned about and against. 

The results of ten years of study with Cayce's predictions are summarized in the three volumes of the Return of the Phoenix (Revised Edition 2006). Based on a thorough scientific analysis of all of Cayce’s statements, there is an 84% to 92% probability that Cayce’s predictions will be fulfilled as stated or that his comments will be found to be true. This finding is a major scientific milestone for psychic/spiritual science.

Major New Scientific Findings Which Will Revolutionize 21st Century Science:

  • Edgar Cayce’s Credibility: 92% hard score general accuracy for psychic pre-cognition and clairvoyance, based on four years of study.
  • The Ancient And Modern "End Time" prophecies: these are memories of the last pole shift in 10,500 BC.
  • Ancient Memory: how to extract real data from the ancient myths and legends of the past about the magnitude and duration of the last pole shift
  • Current Trends In Volcanism: exactly defined, 3 to 4 fold increase, many graphs, all of which prove that a major anomalous tectonic change of planetary magnitude is under way.
  • Current Trends In Earthquakes: exactly defined, 3 to 4 fold increase, many graphs, all of which prove that a major anomalous tectonic change of planetary magnitude is under way.
  • The El Nino – La Nina (ENSO) Phenomenon: how underwater volcanism creates it, graphs which prove it
  • The Cause Of The Changes In The Earth & ENSO: "Chandler’s Wobble", graphs which prove it
  • Vortex Tectonics: the new paradigm of Earth dynamics which explains all current and past tectonic activity of the Earth’s crust - a revolution for geophysics and geology as profound as plate tectonics about how the crust of the earth moves and is formed through time with periodic, sudden avalanches of the crust (pole shifts).
  • Cayce’s Pole Shift Prediction: how the principles of Vortex Tectonics explains it.
  • Avalanche of the Earth’s Crust: a complete scenario of the nature and effects of a pole shift, including a speculative scenario of the long predicted pole shift during Century 21.

Some Of The Major
Literary Achievements Of The Trilogy

  • A nearly unique effort to combine science, spirituality, and clairvoyance to understand the world.
  • For the first time, Edgar Cayce’s complete vision of the changes in the earth during the first few decades of the 21st century.
  • How America must play the "God Game" to create peace and prosperity for all Americans.
  • The Hall of Records – where it is, how it will be opened, and what’s in it; the Cayce story of the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, Atlantis, the founding of Egypt, and why ancient peoples all around the world knew the Earth was round and used many of the same names, mathematics, and astronomical constellations to keep track of time.
  • A retrospective on the 20th Century which provides a window for seeing what is going to happen and what must be done to restore order and preserve freedom, democracy, and justice.
  • A synthesis of ancient stories and Cayce's predictions which show how to interpret the major "End Times" prophecies of the Egyptians, Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, Mayans, and the indigenous North American Tribes.

The Changes In The Earth Prophecy

In a cataclysmic vision which is similar in some ways to many ancient prophecies about the end of an age of the world, Cayce predicted that once again the Earth’s crust must shift the location of the poles. He claimed that it began to shift in 1936 and he predicted that this process will culminate with a sudden avalanche of the crust of the earth sometime in the early portion of Century 21, beginning with a noticeable acceleration of Earth Changes in the period immediately after 1998.  Eventually, exact timing during Century 21 unknown, this shifting of the location of the poles will change Europe in the twinkling of an eye, sink a portion of Japan, and destroy the western coast of North America.

The Great Leveling

Cayce also gave many other "Change In The Earth" predictions for this time period, including the opening of the Hall of Records, the twin destiny's of America and Russia, great economic and political leveling of the Nations,  and the turn of the world's people to a new spiritual movement which was more focused on real justice, equality, peace-making, and mutual respect for differences in religious symbolism and traditions.

The Avalanche Of The Crust – The "Pole Shift"

The Trilogy concludes with an overview of the dynamics which propel the avalanche of the crust. Based on hard data from geology, geophysics, archeology, history, as well as Cayce’s clues, the Trilogy presents the most likely scenario of an avalanche of the crust (the pole shift) and sketches what may happen in many areas of the Earth. The timing is unknown by Cayce gave many clues (signs & omens) for which to watch. What are these signals? How to watch them? Are they "on track"? One hundred years of tectonic activity is presented in many graphs and charts which demonstrate that an anomalous increase in tectonic activity began 50 years ago, as Cayce predicted, has gradually increased, as Cayce predicted, and have suddenly escalated during the past six years (since 1998), as Cayce predicted. Riding The Pole Shift: A step by step outline of what to expect. Doomed Areas and Safe Areas: Where to be safe, What areas to evacuate. The Fifth World: Possible new location of the pole and the possible fate of the continents.

Vortex Tectonics

Current theories of plate tectonics do not explain the motions of the crust and the movement of the continental plates, thus plate tectonics is naively blind and without "gas in the tank". In terms understandable by the general public, the Trilogy formulates the principles for Vortex Plate Tectonics. All geological change is caused by the shifting location of the spin axis of the earth which is induced by the combined gravitational effects of the sun and the moon on the centrifugal forces of the rotating mass of the earth. The Sun and Moon tug and push the crust of the earth causing the location of the spin axis to wobble and drift. This creates differential stresses in the crust which force the continents to move, volcanoes to extrude, and the earth to buckle, break, and quake. It is that simple. Every 10,000 to 50,000 years, when the equilibrium of the earth has drifted far enough out of balance, a major "avalanche" of the crust occurs. This is a "fall" of the Earth's outer crust over the liquid interior of the Earth of some 20 to 30 degrees over the course of several days or weeks to suddenly turn a warm zone into a polar ice cap. The direct evidence of these avalanches includes the marks of sudden climate changes, inexplicable shoreline changes, and nearly all the catastrophe evidence in the fossil boneyards of the Earth. These all mark a recurring pole shift or avalanche of the crust which have shaped the history of humanity and have generated a great many of the myths and legends of the ancient peoples all around the world.

The World Epic

The Trilogy unveils the outline of Cayce’s epochal story of the World, which includes the origin of the human species millions of years ago. The story of the World Epic begins with the story of the Earth’s unstable crust which periodically avalanches by tipping the polar ice caps towards the equator. The crust shifted many times to move different portions of the earth’s surface to become the new polar zones over the two ends of the spin axis of the earth. Engineers and priests from Atlantis and other cultures undertook "the Phoenix Project" in Egypt to save civilization after the last pole shift in 10,500 BC. After building the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid, and the Temples at Giza, the "Phoenix Project" personnel continued on to create the hermetic orders to serve a world mission to unify the ancient world cultures of Egypt, Bharati (India), Mesopotamia, Gobi, Central America, and South America with the same legends, astro-numerological practices, measuring schemes, metaphysical concepts, and prophecies about the end of the Fourth World when "The Phoenix" must fly again to shift the location of the poles. The Trilogy demonstrates how the World Epic and the Phoenix Legend remove much of the mystery of the ancient past and correlate with great precision what is known about the parallels between the ancient civilizations. The Trilogy also reveals that ancient millennial prophecies are primarily "memories" of the last shift in the poles in 10,500 BC. Told as legends, the memories are the "flood stories". Told as prophecies, the memories are attempts to warn future societies that the same thing will happen again.


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